about Gillian

We all have dreams and we all deserve to make them a reality for ourselves and our families. If you are a photographer and want help to make your dreams come true then I am your girl.

If you want to create a business delivering beautiful emotive images to your clients, with high levels of disposable income and a perfect work-life balance,  then I am definitely the mentor for you.


I LOVE prosecco! But also whisky sours!
I have a gorgeous husband called Lee, and two fur babies Lily and Beau.
I LOVE to ski! But also to sunbath!
I’m a coffee addict!
I care deeply about the photographers I work with, many of whom become close friends.
I LOVE money….it enables me to gift to those I love, create a dream lifestyle and support the charities that are close to my heart. (Usually cancer related as I lost my gorgeous mum to the disease, and any doggy charity, as a I am sucker for a fur baby).
I’ve not been blessed with my own children but I am so blessed with amazing nieces, nephews and god children…..Joseph, Florence, Alex, Charlotte, Evie, Sam, Ben, Joe to name a few! Love those kids!




Hi! I’m Gillian!

I’m just an ordinary girl from Liverpool, but I am on a mission to help female photographers cultivate fearless and positive mindsets, grow successful and sustainable businesses, and achieve riches in life and happiness. I want you to be a Rich Tog, just like me.



I’ve achieved amazing success in my photography business. I have been in the industry for 14 years and I have come through a lot of challenges to be who I am today. I have worked hard and smart, invested in myself, and kept learning and honing my skills to create a business which supports my dream lifestyle.



You love your art. You get giddy when creating gorgeous images but you are sick and tired of not getting paid what you are worth. Or at least a fair wage!

You pour your heart into getting your photographs just right, but you get so disheartened when clients don’t book you, or don’t place orders. You can’t live on air right?

You started off in photography with such big dreams, creating beautiful images for clients who love them, being paid a fair wage, having the flexibility to have time with your children and your family.

In reality you have ended up working all the hours with a bank balance that does not reflect the blood sweat and tears you have dedicated.

You doubt yourself all the time. Am I good enough? Will my clients like my images. Am I as good as the competition?

My website/workspace/portfolio/equipment isn’t good enough? My prices are all over the place and I keep swapping and changing them.

If any of these facts resonate with you, I would genuinely love to help you get off the hamster wheel and onto the path towards success and profit…